Assured Justice for product Liability with Long Island Personal Injury Lawyers

Getting suitable compensation from the defective product manufacturers is now made simple and streamlined by the personal injury lawyers in Long Island. If you or any of your closed ones have suffered such injuries, the lawyers here can help you file the lawsuit and win the right kind of compensation within the specified time frame. Investigations, evidence gathering, witness statements, medical reports and other channels serve as liability proving methods for them. They have the complete understanding of the strict liability clauses in the defective products law which they use to stabilize your case. You can evaluate their experience and success rate from their official websites, social networks, reviews and comments written in the web world.

product Liability

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Strict Product Liability Investigations

Proving the product defect and liability on part of manufacturer or retailer could be relatively faster in the case of electrical and electronic devices and appliances. But the same procedure becomes complex for items related to consumables, food poisoning, supplements and other health related products.

  • The experience of Long Island lawyers in such ambiguous cases is well proved by the rating they got from AVVO. You can also see their success rates getting reflected by the reviews written by their existing clients.
  • The lawyers are capable of conducting investigations into product liability cases which have been filed months after the actual incident. For example, the defective cheese sold by a Long Island company was found to be due to the negligence in storage pattern. They were stacked in the same freezer in which meat was stored. The liquids oozing from defective meat had contaminated the cheese, resulting in food poisoning. Since the cheese was already consumed by the claimant family completely, there was no option for getting the sampling. Hence the investigation into the incident was launched at the retail store by analyzing the arrivals, sale points, and other locations. It took a long time for the team to determine the exact cause. Once the cause was determined and evidence collected, it became a simple procedure at the court of law to prove the strict liability and claim the compensation.

product Liability

  • The lawyers in Long Island are known to use innovative methods for conducting the investigations into defective products. They are supported by a team of engineers, technical experts, food and nutrition experts and other specialists in the product manufacturing and processing sectors. They help in conducting result oriented investigations based on real time points. For example investigation into the defective electronic gadget, like the electric steam press machine can reveal the causation evidence. The lawyers will be able to systematically prove the defect as a result of negligence during the manufacturing process. The accident might have occurred immediately after the purchase, during the warranty period or after. The efficiency of the personal injury lawyers in Long Island can be trusted to get assured justice and compensation within the specified time.